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"Sellers of basic equipments"

Bansal Traders deals in selling of basic goods, materials and equipments for dewatering and borwell process.


"Removal Of Ground Water"

Draining Off Excess Water From The Construction Site


"Generation Of Ground Water"

Digging Into the Earth's Surface To Generate Water From A Barren Land

About Us

About 15 years ago, our company Bansal Traders came across this idea of providing the dewatering and borewell services to construction, mining, and other related departments.

We have developed various strategies and techniques related to the complete dewatering services and borewell services needed for your construction site.

With our expert professionals in this industry you will get to know each and everything related to how the system of dewatering and borewell works, why is it important to take these steps before the beginning of any construction, how availing these services benefits you, what technique to adopt at your site and everything. We have the answer to every query you ask.

We provide complete dewatering systems as well as we are the leading borewell contractors in Delhi.

Dewatering-Boring theory

Our enterprise provides for the complete dewatering system and bore well services in Delhi. Dewatering serves the purpose of removing the excess water present in our construction sites and Boring actually helps us in groundwater abstraction from the barren lands. Both are equally important for begin any sort of construction work. We ensure you with the best results if you avail our dewatering and boring services.

Protection of environment

Dewatering is required on almost all building destinations. Water should be expelled from these regions to make a more secure workplace, help forestall disintegration, and furthermore help ensure the earth.

Improve workforce safety

We control the working environment to ensure safety at your workplace for your workers so that you can become the company they can rely on.

Control flooding

Over the top drilling of bore wells has given rise to misuse of groundwater at higher rates than the pace of water energize and caused exhaustion of the groundwater levels.our bore well contractors in Delhi will help you to avoid digging into such areas that cause floods in the near future.

Reduce Water bills

Diminish your water bills and drought verification your property with a bore! During times of low precipitation, water tanks may not meet your water prerequisites. Nowadays, mains water is turning into a costly method for flooding your land and purchasing heaps of water is considerably increasingly expensive, so different alternatives may engage you. Water your land or garden with groundwater from your own bore, so the land and garden can look great.... lasting through the year.

Consulting over call

We being the best dewatering and borewell service providers helps you with the latest technique that can be beneficial for your site over call so that it will save your time in real for doing the in-depth research and you can begin your construction as soon as possible.


Bansal Traders was established in the year 2005 with the main objective of providing groundwater facilities via DEWATERING and BOREWELL services. Being new to this industry we have grown as one of the leading Dewatering and borewell service providers in India. The company is incorporated in Etah, Uttar Pradesh, and has its service providers all over India. One of our clients is in Delhi NCR who is Mr.Shubhash which is an Infra Engineer in Gurgaon. To know more about our services visit or call us. You can avail our services to begin any sort of construction work on your site. With our expertise and skilled workforce, we help you towards the Dewatering services to opt for your construction sites. We are working to become the enterprise you can trust.

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On development and mining ventures, groundwater can be a significant deterrent to sheltered, efficient and cost-effective excavation. Dewatering is the way toward managing groundwater to enable unearthing’s to be done in serviceable dry conditions. We provide the complete dewatering services that serve the purpose. Whenever progressed nicely, dewatering will be a consistent piece of the development of transitory works and uncovering process. It is basic that dewatering is arranged and actualized well on the grounds that, If it is done severely, dewatering won't satisfactorily dry out and balance out the unearthing and long development delays, cost overflows and perhaps significant instability will result.


India being an agrarian nation, our farmers depend for the most part on groundwater for the water system. With expanding population, lesser land possessions and urbanization, more profound borewells are borrowed for groundwater deliberation. Borewells and tubewells are fundamentally the same. Both are essentially vertically drilled wells, drilled into an underground spring in the world's surface, to remove water for different purposes. The distinction in the two lies in the sort of packaging utilized, the profundity of this packaging and the kind of soil where they are bored. Packaging to help the outside surfaces of the borehole against breakdown might be required at specific profundities, and for the most part, it is comprised of PVC pipes.

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